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The future of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) remains extremely uncertain with the EU looking set to ban HFCs completely in new refrigeration equipment from 2020.

Already R22 has little over a few year left and R404a will be following suit in a few years too.

More than ever before there is increasing pressure to move towards more climate friendly natural refrigerants to combine high efficiency with the highest level of environmental performance.












ALLCOLD promotes the use of CO2 as a natural refrigerant and is now offering this as a long-term sustainable option to existing clients and potential customers.

Upon our initial site survey, ALLCOLD can work with you to design the best solution which meets your needs in terms of operating and energy efficiency.

Here it’s the natural refrigerant of choice due to its highly efficient performance as well as the practical nature of its use when compared to hydrocarbons or ammonia.

It’s also suitable for use within many differing applications, from low temperature cooling systems through to high temperature heating packages with a high level of efficiency available across the operating temperature range. 

CO2 is a practical and very well proven option when considering refrigerant choice and is particularly well suited to applications that call for high levels of efficiency.

When comparing system efficiency it is normal for a CO2 system to provide an efficiency level that can be higher than the standard coefficient of performance (COP) expected from a HFC refrigerant.

Here at ALLCOLD we have worldwide sourcing ability and are always looking to the future to offer our customers the best solutions to meet their needs.      


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