Cooling Vegetables
<p>1. Installed in Mexico  2010</p>
<p>2. Six Pallets/30mintues</p>
<p>3.Water Cooled</p>
<p>4.Cooling Unit mounted on top of vacuum chamber</p>
<p>5. Double vertical lifting Doors with Roller belt system</p>

1. Installed in Mexico  2010

2. Six Pallets/30mintues

3.Water Cooled

4.Cooling Unit mounted on top of vacuum chamber

5. Double vertical lifting Doors with Roller belt system

<p> 1. Installed in United States 2010</p>
<p>2. Four Pallets/30mintues</p>
<p>3.Water Cooled </p>
<p>4. Single Hydraulic upwards Door</p>

 1. Installed in United States 2010

2. Four Pallets/30mintues

3.Water Cooled 

4. Single Hydraulic upwards Door

<p>1. Installed in Turkey  2015</p>
<p>2. 4 Pallets/20minutes</p>
<p>3.Air cooled</p>
<p>4. Manual Door with manual ramp</p>

1. Installed in Turkey  2015

2. 4 Pallets/20minutes

3.Air cooled

4. Manual Door with manual ramp

<p>1. Installed in United States 2015</p>
<p>2. 8 Pallets/30minutes</p>
<p>3.Two Chambers with water cooled</p>
<p>4. Sliding Door</p>

1. Installed in United States 2015

2. 8 Pallets/30minutes

3.Two Chambers with water cooled

4. Sliding Door

<p>1. Installed in France 2016</p>
<p>2. 16 Pallets/30minutes</p>
<p>3.Double Sliding Doors at Both sides</p>
<p>4.Automatic Loading&Unloading system</p>

1. Installed in France 2016

2. 16 Pallets/30minutes

3.Double Sliding Doors at Both sides

4.Automatic Loading&Unloading system

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